The latest products

Once you have had a thorough eye examination, we will then be in a better position to recommend relevant products to suit your needs. Everyone is different, but whether you prefer contact lenses, glasses or a mixture of both, we have a large selection of brands and options to choose from.

Contact Lenses

Book a Contact Lens Trial today with one of our experienced practitioners. We only use the most premium lens materials, which ensures healthy, comfortable lens wear.

We have access to an extensive power range to suit even the most complex prescriptions.

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We stock a wide range of frames for you to consider, especially when it comes to the all important decision of what style of glasses you would like to wear. From ultra-lightweight rimless frames to chunky statement frames, there are a variety of options to suit different tastes. Come and visit the practice today to find out which style suits you!

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Spectacle lenses are developing all the time, with many advancements leading to new lenses becoming available for our patients. Lenses are usually manufactured in plastic but can also be made of glass if required. The advantage of plastic is that they are safe, lightweight and easily adaptable for any prescription.

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It is always important to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV light. We have a selection of sunglasses that are suitable for your prescription or can be worn as they are if you do not need a prescription. We also stock sunglasses available for babies and teens, so feel free to enquire when you visit our practice.

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