Eye Examination

Eye Examination

Your eye examination will comprise of different tests. These will indicate weaknesses that can lead to poor vision and allow us to identify any problem areas. A thorough diagnosis will highlight the cause of any vision impairment and allow us to recommend the most appropriate solution. Below is an example eye test for you to get an idea of what will happen when you visit our practice.



Ocular Muscles
Reaction to Light
Unaided Vision
Crossed Cylinders
Distance Mallet Unit
Near Mallet Unit
Near Point of Convergence


By the end of your examination we will know what products and services to recommend, as well as be able to give you a copy of your prescription.  If we feel there have been any changes to your vision of a serious nature, we will inform your doctor so that he can recommend the correct course of action.

After your first visit we would recommend that you undertake regular eye examinations. Children should visit every six months to the age of seven, then once a year dependent upon how quickly their prescription changes with growth. Adults are advised to have an eye examination every two years but if you use a computer as an integral part of your job we would recommend an annual check.

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Why should I consider an eye examination? Watch our video below to find out the facts:

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