Spectacle lenses are developing all the time, with many advancements leading to new lenses becoming available for our patients. Lenses are usually manufactured in plastic but can also be made of glass if required. The advantage of plastic is that they are safe, lightweight and easily adaptable for any prescription.

Through many years of experience with different brands and types we have found that Zeiss can provide a lens solution to almost anyone, therefore we have decided to become Zeiss lens partners.

However, we are able to get almost any lens currently available in the UK, as well as some available overseas upon request.

To ensure that you receive the best lenses for you, we advise that you speak to one of our experts to discuss your eyesight needs.

Lenses can fall into three categories:

  1. Single Vision – These lenses are required for a single prescription so do not vary in strength. They are normally for one purpose, for example distance or close reading.
  2. Bifocal – When glasses are required for dual purpose, such as distance and close reading, the lenses can be split into two. There are normally two clearly defined areas that will accommodate both purposes easily.
  3. MultifocalMultifocals are the best solution for someone who requires multiple pairs of glasses for different taskes. The most common is the Varifocal that start with the distance prescription at the top and gradually change to close reading at the bottom. They are the most efficient lens for seeing at any distance.

Occupational Lenses

Another advancement that considers how and when you use your glasses are occupational lenses. These are predominantly for performing a specific task that you may undertake for a large portion of the day, such as looking at a computer screen. This will take into account your working life and what impact that has on your eyesight, meaning that your glasses are tailor made for you.

Photochromatic Lenses

Photochromic lenses react to light conditions and can be adapted for use with any type or prescription. The lenses are clear in regular lighting but will react to brighter conditions (such as sunlight) by going dark. The immediate advantage of having this type of lens is not having to carry a second pair of sunglasses.

Myopia Control lenses

We are excited to announce we are now accredited to supply the latest Miyosmart lenses from Hoya.
If you have a child with myopia and would like to know more please book an appointment by calling 02476 466661