Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

We fit the latest types of contact lenses, allowing wearers to feel confident that they have the best technology and comfort available for their needs.

Silicone Hydrogel

  • Soft, comfortable lenses which allow healthy wear all day and crisp vision.
  • Available as dailies, fortnightly or monthly wearing options. For overnight, daily or occasional wear.
  • Available in a power range to suit almost all prescriptions.


  •  For 40+ age range when two different prescriptions are needed for distance and near vision.
  • Allow clear vision at all distances, near and far.
  • Available in daily, fortnightly or monthly options.

Myopia Management

  • Speciality contact lens fitting for children who are myopic (short-sighted).
  • Myopia is due to the excessive growth of the length of the eye.
  • Specialist contact lenses can be fitted to alter the way light hits the back of the eye.
  • Research has shown it is possible to use contact lenses to reduce the rate of the growth of the eye by 59%, and so reduce the myopia progression.
  • Exciting area of optometry where we can actually reduce the myopia instead of just correcting it with spectacles or lenses.

If you would like to any more information or to book a Contact Lens trial call us on 02476 466661.

MiSight Contact Lenses

These are new daily contact lenses which are designed to reduce myopia progression in children.

Available for fitting now